ReVo – The Best Just Got Better

We are pleeased to announce the latest version of the award winning ReVo table. We have been investigating the acoustic properties of an advanced engineering plastic called PEEK. This material fulfills our requirement for high tensile strength, with superb noise reduction properties.

We now offer the ReVo tables with PEEK fixing options that make the acoustic isolation properties of the ReVo supports much more profound. Although this inevitably means that the price of our best isolation solution is higher than before, it also means that more cost effective performance than ever is now available. The £1,050 ReVo 3 Lite P offers a higher performance than the previous ReVo 3, for £250 less!

For customers with existing ReVo tables, an upgrade pack of 12 PEEK machine screws is available for £300 (ReVo 3 and ReVo Lite), and £200 (ReVo 2)