Thinking…Outside the black box

Cables, equipment supports and isolation components have a huge impact on the ultimate performance of an audio or home cinema system.

MusicWorks – the ultimate system supports, power cabling and isolation

Audiomica – transparent, coherent signal and speaker cabling


AcouPlex IP1

AcouPlex is new composite material designed specifically for acoustic isolation. The IP1 (Isolation Platform 1) is our first product in this new material, and produces outstanding results in any high performance system. Use as a shelf simply placed on your existing table, as a stand-alone isolator on acrylic or PEEK supports, or on the new ReVue Ultra table, designed to maximise its impact. Hear what it does in the AudioWorks room at the North West Audio Show, later this month

ReFlex Ultra Gen 3 – A new reference point in power distribution

New sockets, and the inclusion of PEEK isolation takes the latest version of the ReFlex Ultra to new heights. Upgrades from the previous generation are available. For more information, click here.

ReEntry 2 Cable Review

See Paul Rigby’s take on the MusicWorks ReEntry 2 mains cable, here

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P-Cone – A New Take on a Classic Product
p-cone 2 red bg small

Isolating equipment from its environment using cones is an idea that has been around for decades. Anyone who has investigated this sort of isolation has normally come up against a hard realisation; whilst the cone may (and only may) address issues in one area, there is normally a significant price to be paid in another, normally rendering the resulting sound clearer, but less musically engaging. This has all changed with the P-Cone. The effectiveness of PEEK at absorbing destructive high frequency noise, whilst maintaining total musical engagement has to be heard. With a set of 3 P-Cone 2 isolators available for £75, this represents tremendous ‘bang for your buck’. Purchase here.

ReVue – Modular Equipment Table

The latest addition to the MusicWorks firmament is a modular equipment rack that will confound expectations at its price point. You see, most equipment racks at its price point (approx £160 / level) are, in terms of performance, much of a muchness – you simply choose the style you like the look of. Choose the number of levels, and the spacing to suit your system. The ReVue offers the performance of the high end, at a very affordable price. You also get this stunning table in a choice of clear, black or white acrylic.

Audiomica – Another Stunning ReviewGenimedes

The January 2015 issue of Hi Fi Plus magazine contains the first UK review of Audiomica’s penultimate cable range. Steve Dickinson is astonished by the performance of the Audiomica Ultra Ref interconnects and Genimedes speaker cable. Cables that reset expectations.

See us at Sound & Vision Bristol 2015 Room 313

We look forward to what promises to be a fabulous show demonstrating MusicWorks and Audiomica products withs&v rosette 2015-page-0 some stunning Accuphase electronics and Tannoy Prestige speakers.

First Reviews of Audiomica Cables

See here for the first review of 6 Audiomica cables in Hi Fi World May 2013 issue. HFW_May13 AudioMica Cables