Ultra Isolation

Stop vibration from killing your music


The MusicWorks P-Cone brings some of the latest materials technology to bear on audio (and A/V) system isolation. P-Cone is an incredibly cost effective isolator made from an advanced thermoplastic named PEEKTM . This advanced engineering material has recently found applications throughout the MusicWorks product range. The P-Cone has been designed to help optimise system performance irrespective of the shelf used to support your equipment.

Available in packs of 3 or 4, and in two sizes. Simply place your chosen component (source components and preamps are the most sensitive) on top of 3 or 4 strategically positioned cones.


P-Cone 10 – 20mm diameter x 10mm high £14 each

P-Cone 25 – 25mm diameter x 25mm high £30 each


Audio World ’13 Show

We will be attending the Audio World ’13 show at the Radisson Hotel, Manchester Airport T2 on 23rd & 24th March. We will be exhibiting with The AudioWorks and Albarry Music. Some exciting new MusicWorks products will be on display / demonstration which will feature the use of PEEK* in acoustic isolation.


PEEK is an advanced engineering plastic developed by the Victrex corporation. It has very high tensile strength, but also, we have discovered,  offers remarkable acoustic / vibration handling properties.

ReVo – The Best Just Got Better

We are pleeased to announce the latest version of the award winning ReVo table. We have been investigating the acoustic properties of an advanced engineering plastic called PEEK. This material fulfills our requirement for high tensile strength, with superb noise reduction properties.

We now offer the ReVo tables with PEEK fixing options that make the acoustic isolation properties of the ReVo supports much more profound. Although this inevitably means that the price of our best isolation solution is higher than before, it also means that more cost effective performance than ever is now available. The £1,050 ReVo 3 Lite P offers a higher performance than the previous ReVo 3, for £250 less!

For customers with existing ReVo tables, an upgrade pack of 12 PEEK machine screws is available for £300 (ReVo 3 and ReVo Lite), and £200 (ReVo 2)

ReEntry – A New Entry Level Power Cable £125

It has taken us a long time to come up with an entry level power cable that we would be happy to put our name to, but at long last we are pleased to announce the ReEntry. The cable features a double screened cable made to our specification, a carefully chosen UK mains plug, and the same IEC plug found on our ReVive ‘Lite’.

The ReEntry is priced at £125. Ask your dealer for a demonstration.

ReFlex Ultra

A no holds barred variant of the ReFlex power distribution block is now available. This block will be initially available only from The AudioWorks and Blade Audio.

We have taken what we know about what affects the performance of the block, and executed a wholesale revision of the internal mechanical and electrical engineering. The results? well ask to hear for yourself.

The price for the new block is £890. Trade in and upgrade options are available for customers with ReFlex Plus blocks. Contact the dealers above for more information.

MusicWorks Powers dCS

When dCS, arguably the world’s leading digital music reproduction equipment specialists, wanted a state of the art demonstration facility to show their kit to international visitors, as well as to evaluate product development, clearly compromise was not an option.

After evaluation of a wide range of options, MusicWorks products were chosen to provide mains distribution and equipment support. The products chosen include:

ReVo 3 Equipment support tables

ReFlex IEC Plus Mains distribution block

ReVive IEC Power Cables

ReSponse isolators for cable network boxes and loudspeakers

To see a photograph of one of the dCS set ups, visit here: ttp://www.theaudioworks.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=409