New – ReVo Mini – Isolation Table for Small Component Systems

The new ReVo Mini has ultra modern aesthetic, which is derived from the requirement to extract the maximum performance from

revomini regasmaller component systems. Based on the state of the art ReVo table, we have managed to engineer a vastly cost reduced version that keeps a large part of the performance of the full ReVo.

Designed to accommodate half and three quarter width equipment, the ReVo Mini is a fully modular system that allows the user to purchase exactly what they need, then add to the table at a later date.

ReVo Mini base module: 2 Tier equipment table £199

ReVo Mini extension module: add on isolation module £99

Clear acrylic front / back panels, with black shelves. Black acrylic with black shelves, and white acrylic with white shelves are available for a 10% premium.