MusicWorks & Value For Money

There are two obvious ways to decide whether a Hi Fi component represents good value for money. Namely:

Does it do a better job than any competing product for the same amount?

Are they priced at a reasonable margin over their cost?

The answer to the first question, we believe is a definitive, yes. In fact we are happy to have our products compared with anything available from any other manufacturer at any price. We believe that our products have unique design principles which ensure, that in their field, and when comparisons are carried out using musical criteria, there is nothing available that performs as well.

Now, as any brand expert will tell you, the second question, for most premium products is irrelevant. Well we at MusicWorks do not believe that price premium is irrelevant. We want the maximum number of people to have access to our products, and feel that reasonableness in pricing is important. In this regard we are happy to have our products compared in terms of ‘value’ of components employed for a given price to any other Hi Fi product. Please, when making this comparison, bear in mind that all our products are manufactured and assembled in the UK. We believe that the small premium that this imposes on the end price of our products is easily justified on quality and support criteria, not to mention helping UK plc.