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Thinking…Outside the Black Box

Cables, equipment supports and isolation components have a huge impact on the ultimate performance of an audio and audio visual system.

MusicWorks – the ultimate system supports, power cabling and isolation
Audiomica – transparent, coherent signal and speaker cabling

‘..with the ReVo in place, the notes are instantly more tuneful, the instruments more clearly defined in terms of location and size. The rest of the ensemble benefits similarly; as each instrument takes its proper place on stage there is less blurring of the boundaries between them with improvements in other aspects of performance, such as timing, attack and decay. Acoustic spaces take on a distinct character, dynamic shifts become more emphatic. Musicians play with more sense of commitment and elan and their instruments have more substance…’

Not our words, but those of Hi Fi Plus reviewer Steve Dickinson when he put the MusicWorks ReVo table into his own system. We couldn’t describe what our products do better, so we haven’t tried.

Latest News

Hard Work leads you to P-Spire!quadraspire upgrade-5

Our long standing regard for the performance of the Quadraspire Q4 equipment table is known to most of our customers. Now you can add a piece of the latest MusicWorks magic to your QS4 with the new P-Spire 15 shelf. A 15mm thick acylic shelf with a dual layer of PEEK damping. Result – stunning.


Audiomica – Another Stunning ReviewGenimedes

The January 2015 issue of Hi Fi Plus magazine contains the first UK review of Audiomica’s penultimate cable range. Steve Dickinson is astonished by the performance of the Audiomica Ultra Ref interconnects and Genimedes speaker cable. Cables that reset expectations.


s&v rosette 2015-page-0

See us at Sound & Vision Bristol 2015 Room 313

We look forward to what promises to be a fabulous show demonstrating MusicWorks and Audiomica products with some stunning Accuphase electronics and Tannoy Prestige speakers.

First Reviews of Audiomica Cables

See here for the first review of 6 Audiomica cables in Hi Fi World May 2013 issue. HFW_May13 AudioMica Cables


New MusicWorks Product Catalogue is now available

Just click on the image on the right to access the pdf  of our new catalogue (note 1MB)